Yacht Managment


A luxury yacht is a complex business to run. For us at Sparrow it is first and foremost about supporting the owner and their captain.

Our team of experienced experts, will provide full technical and administrative support ,in order to have your floating beauty operated and maintained at the highest standards.

We will make sure you have an experienced and high performance, service oriented crew on board, as well as taking care of all administrative matters.

We will provide correct and efficient solutions to technical problems, using our extensive knowledge and contacts with service technicians around the globe.

We will perform inspections on board where ever the yacht may be, and tightly control the budget to prevent unnecessary expenses. We will get better prices for fuel, spare parts and insurance from our colleagues and suppliers.

Above all we will provide the owner with peace of mind, knowing everything is being taken care of.

All that will be left for you – is to enjoy the ultimate freedom on the water!

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